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All 32 of our courses are included in this package. You can invite as many members as you want to join your package.

Each time a member of your package takes a course and passes a test one credit will be taken from your purchased credit balance.

If a member of your package fails a test and has to resubmit it an additional credit will be used.


Unlimited Credits Plan

All 32 of our courses are included in this package. Your package members will receive unlimited access to all courses and therefore can pass, fail or resubmit any test without any additional costs.

The amount of members you want to access the training will be the driver of your package cost. The more you invite the cheaper it becomes.

This package is suitable for companies with over 25 staff or for those where you want some real do and learn flexibility for your team.

Individual User Plan

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One credit will allow you to take one course and one test, if you fail or have to resubmit the test because you score below 70% then another credit will be used.

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Mental Health First Aid (For People Managers)

Mental Health First Aid is a key tool in any Care Manager or Supervisors management tool kit.

Having the skills and techniques to effectively manage the mental health of your team as well as your clients is critical in todays hectic world.

Mental health illness is not always visible, so being able to recognise it, understand it, support it and monitor it will become more and more important.

Purchase this module for £10 only per person from start to completion.

Care Certificate for Companies


Giving you the confidence that ALL of your care team have the knowledge and competency to deliver care to your clients without supervision.

Select the package and then choose how many of your team you would like to complete the Care Certificate.

Once you've completed this your members will receive an invitation to start completion.


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