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Yes, our courses are fully accredited by CPD, having met their rigorous standards and learning objectives. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our content and the value it brings. Not only do these certifications offer growth opportunities for your team, but they also assure you of the safety and compliance of your business.
We allow unlimited retakes at no extra cost. Our packages are designed to ensure success, and we do not charge for failed attempts or subsequent retakes. Your progress and mastery of the material are our top priorities.
To purchase training, simply navigate to the 'Pricing' tab at the top of our website. Choose the package that aligns best with your training objectives and commercial aims. Once you're confident about your selection, click on "Buy Now". This will guide you through the process of purchasing your chosen package and setting up your account.
The Subscription package is based on a yearly fee per person. It grants each team member unlimited access to all courses within the chosen package, with the option to add more users as your team grows.
The Subscription package is ideal for small to medium-sized teams or organisations that require consistent and comprehensive training for all members. It's especially beneficial for teams with stable size, where each member needs access to a wide range of courses throughout the year. This package ensures that training costs are predictable and manageable, making it a great fit for businesses seeking a straightforward, all-inclusive training solution.
The Pay As You Go package allows adding unlimited team members to your training account. You purchase credits for course completions, where 1 credit equals one course taken by any team member.
The Pay As You Go package is particularly well-suited for larger organisations or teams with dynamic and extensive training needs. It offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness for businesses that require a wide range of courses for a varying number of employees, as it allows for adding an unlimited number of team members and purchasing credits in bulk, reducing the cost per course completion.

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