Learning Outcomes

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of eMAR systems within the UK healthcare sector. Designed for individual learning, it covers the essentials of what eMAR is, the legislative and regulatory framework governing it, its significance in healthcare settings, the benefits for carers and clients, and practical guidance on its effective use.

Unit 1: Introduction to eMAR

• Understand the concept and purpose of eMAR.

• Explore the evolution from traditional paper-based MAR to eMAR.

Unit 2: eMAR and UK Healthcare Legislation

• Learn about the laws and regulations governing medication administration and record-keeping in the UK.

• Understand how eMAR aligns with these legal requirements.

Unit 3: The Importance of eMAR in healthcare

• Understand why eMAR is crucial in healthcare settings.

• Recognise the role of eMAR in improving client care and safety.

Unit 4: Benefits of eMAR for Carers and Clients

• Identify the benefits of eMAR for healthcare professionals and clients.

• Explore how eMAR contributes to client-centred care.

Unit 5: Practical Use of eMAR Systems

• Learn how to effectively use eMAR systems in daily practice.

• Develop skills to use eMAR systems for world-class care delivery.

Unit 6: Case Studies and Scenarios

• Apply the knowledge of eMAR in practical, real-world scenarios.

• Analyse case studies to understand the impact of eMAR in diverse healthcare settings.

Course Conclusion

• Consolidate the knowledge gained throughout the course.

• Highlight the role of eMAR in advancing healthcare quality.

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