Learning Outcomes

  • Hand Hygiene Frequency

Understand the key instances requiring hand hygiene, such as pre and post-patient contact or after handling potentially contaminated items, in line with NHS guidelines.

  • Proper Handwashing Technique

Master the NHS-endorsed steps for thorough handwashing, including proper lathering and rinsing, and practise these skills in a simulated setting.

  • Use of Gloves

Learn the protocols for glove use, including the types of gloves for different tasks, how to put them on and remove them safely, and proper disposal methods.

  • Hand Sanitisers

Recognise when hand sanitisers can be a suitable alternative to soap and water and learn the correct application techniques for maximum efficacy.

  • Nail and Jewellery Care

Appreciate the risks associated with wearing jewellery and maintaining long nails in a healthcare setting, and follow best practices for nail and jewellery hygiene.

  • Hand Health

Gain insight into potential skin conditions that could arise from frequent handwashing, such as contact dermatitis, and understand both preventive measures and treatment options.

  • Education and Training

Acknowledge the value of continuous learning in maintaining hand hygiene and how to access and complete mandatory online modules and attend training sessions, where applicable.

  • Monitoring and Compliance

Familiarise yourself with the institution's policies regarding hygiene compliance, the mechanisms used for monitoring, and the actions that may be taken in cases of non-compliance.

  • Posters and Signage

Understand the role of posters and signage in promoting effective hand hygiene and become proficient at interpreting these educational tools within the healthcare setting.

  • Stay Informed

Stay updated on new recommendations or guidelines from authoritative bodies like the NHS and Public Health England concerning hand hygiene and other infection control measures.

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Hand Hygiene in a Care Setting

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